Catapultian Help Center


Catapultian is a no-minimum donor advised fund. A donor advised fund is similar to a private foundation in that it allows you to make tax deductible contributions to a charitable entity, and allocate those funds to any other exempt organization at any point in the future.

Donor advised funds may have lower set-up and ongoing-administrative costs than private foundations. With Catapultian, there are no set-up and ongoing-administrative costs.

With Catapultian, donors make non-refundable donations to Catapultian Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Upon receipt of your contribution, we immediately issue a donation receipt, which will also be saved in your dashboard for your convenience. For this donation, Catapultian supports deposits with ACH, Bitcoin, and Credit Card. All money you add to your account with Catapultian is held in one of Catapultian Foundation’s FDIC insured checking accounts at a major financial institution. We do not invest money in your account.

These funds remain in your Catapultian account until you advise us on which charities you would like to allocate funds. You may allocate some or all of the funds in your account to any exempt organization in the U.S.

Upon your request, which is made through the Catapultian platform, the exact value you specify is sent (usually through direct deposit) to the exempt organization of your choosing. The sending of funds to the charity of your choosing takes place at no cost to you or the recipient organization.

There are no annual minimum required allocations from your account at Catapultian.