Onsite payment forms are designed for one-time donations. Catapultian is optimzied for donor retention

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Catapultian is designed for donors for the benefit of nonprofits

Free for nonprofits

Accepting donations online is complicated, and doing it well is even harder: from navigating payment gateways, to managing encryption, to logging activity, to handling chargebacks... Catapultian handles it all for you—for free.

Advanced payment technology accepting ACH, Bitcoin, and Credit Card
Direct deposit so you get your funds fast
Automatic, free listing on Catapultian
No payment processing fees to you

Designed for donor retention

Catapultian users save for their charitable giving. They are looking to allocate those funds to worthy causes and organizations. Catapultian is designed for them to find those causes and organizations; and for you to reach them.

A charitable savings account to help donors save more
Functionality for one-time as well as recurring donations
All giving in one place, so individuals develop a habit around donating
Better research for donors, helping find great organizations

Free donor management tools

Donor follow-ups and connections are extremely important to every organization, we've tried to make capturing that information as simple as possible for your development office. We also know that you might have some of these tools, so we built our features with that in mind.

Beautiful donation tracking
Built-in messaging system; to send thank you letters and not receipts
Easily export donor data to your favorite CRM
Easily export donor data to your favorite email marketing system

Great support

Catapultian may be free for nonprofits, but we still want you to have only great experiences with Catapultian. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat please reach out to us.

Phone support
Email support
Chat support
Extensive support documentation
Even visit us in our office in Brooklyn

Steps to make the most of Catapultian

Email us for access to your oranization accounts
Make sure information about your organization is correct
Add information about your upcoming events and your event flyer
Tell your donors you're on Catapultian, and be sure to thank them when you receive donations

Donations on Catapultian cost less in processing fees

Nonprofits don't pay processing fees on Catapultian so more money ends up in your bank account

100% tax-deductible

Secure transactions

No management fees

No account maintenance fees

No profile fees to charities

No payment fees to charities

Bank transfer (ACH)

25¢ flat fee per deposit

Credit card

3.0% + 30¢ per deposit


0.5% flat fee per deposit

Want to tell your donors to use Catapultian? Please do. Our only ask is that you follow our branding guidelines

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With all its free resources for you, low fees, and terrific support team, Catapultian could be your favorite tool to support your nonprofit

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